Selonding Set 1


Manufacturer: Prapen Balung Wesi

Selonding Set 1 from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 240 g

Iron, Tenganan Style



Selonding is a type of archaic gamelan orchestra that is mostly found in East Bali. Most sets are made from iron such as this orchestra, which is crafted in the popular Tenganan style by Prapen Balung Wesi.

Selonding is played using a two handed technique on most instruments, and there are no drums, flutes, stringed instruments, cymbals or hanging gongs in most ensembles. Selonding is an ideal type of gamelan for teaching in schools and universities in enclosed rooms, as the sound is not as loud as large gamelan ensembles such as Gong Kebyar.

The instruments are compact and easy to ship or transport. They are also virtually indestructable with tough iron keys and solid casings. Since iron is a much more stable metal than the more common bronze that is used to make other ensembles, the tuning will not change perceptibly; thus, avoiding the cost of bringing in a tuner from Bali to retune the instruments. Contact us for price and further details.

This orchestra is made up of 8 instruments and is played by 4-6 musicians with the following instrumentation:

– Penem (8 keys)

– Petuduh (8 keys)

– Gong (4 keys)

– Kempur (4 keys)

– Nyongnyong Gede (8 keys)

– Nyongnyong Alit (8 keys)

In Additional Images, there is an option for a carved box version (at an additional cost).

Contact us for price and further details.