Gangsa Gong Kebyar Practice Instrument


Manufacturer: Mekar Bhuana

Made by Mekar Bhuana Production

Weight 5000 g

Iron, Standard Tuning, Ten Keys



Keep up with the rest of your gong kebyar group by having a practice instrument at home! Hand crafted right here at Mekar Bhuana Centre in Denpasar, the casings and other parts of the instrument are made from recycled materials. This light weight (just 5 KG) yet squat and sturdy  gangsa is perfect for practicing interlocking patterns on your coffee table.

Tuned personally by Mekar Bhuana founder, Vaughan Hatch, unlike other iron-keyed practice instruments in Bali, the quality of the sound and accuracy of the scale is of a standard that can be used for performance. One mallet included. Currently only available with black keys.

At this price and quality, this instrument is a bargain.

Contact us for further information about additional costs for custom tunings.