Gangsa Bebarongan Practice Instrument


Manufacturer: Mekar Bhuana

Gangsa Bebarongan Practice Instrument from Mekar Bhuana Online Store in Bali, Indonesia

Weight 4000 g

Iron, Six Keys



This gangsa bebarongan practice instrument has six ron keys (pentatonic scale with one octave) and is tuned to the famous Teges Kanginan tuning. If you buy a pair of instruments, like other Balinese instruments they are tuned slightly out from each other, creating the characteristic Balinese oscillation. Older period instruments from semara pagulinganm barong and legong orchestras have a slower oscillation than the 20th century period gong kebyar instruments which are played louder and faster. Currently only available with black keys.

Casing made from merbau or bingkerai wood, and one gangsa style mallet (different from the ones in the video) is included. Contact us for sea mail shipping costs to your country today.