Gangsa Pemade Semarandhana


Manufacturer: Gong Sidakarya

Gangsa Pemade Semarandhana from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 20000 g

Bronze with Plain, Uncarved Casing



This 12 keyed metallophone is called a gangsa pemade and is part of a gamelan semarandana orchestra. Tuned to both a five tone and seven tone scale, you can play in two octaves. Both the repertoire of gong kebyar and semara pagulingan is playable on this hybrid instrument.

You can choose to buy either one instrument or a pair (which are tuned slightly ‘out’ from each other to create typical Balinese oscillations). The metal keys are made from quality bronze and the casings from jackfruit wood. The resonator tubes on these particular instuments are made from PVC which will not crack or change in pitch in the cold of some climates outside of Bali.