Gender Wayang Quartet


Manufacturer: Others

Gender Wayang Quartet from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 150000 g

Bronze, Carved And Gold Gilded



A gender wayang is a type of metallophone with 10 bronze or iron keys that is tuned to a fairly even tempered scale called selendro. Instruments come in pairs or as a quartet, with two mid-range instruments and two high-range instruments. Gender wayang is traditionally used to accompany puppet shows called wayang, and also for ceremonies such as temple ceremonies, weddings and cremations. There are tens of thousands of sets in Bali and all over the world. This is an old set that are in good condition and their tuning is stablized. Our suppliers sell a number of models and you can also order custom made (at an additional cost). See the additional images for options of carved, uncarved, painted, varnished and casings with different designs on offer. Contact us for price and further details

Watch a video of a quartet being played:

Watch a single instrument being played:

Example of the waves of the larger pair of instruments: And the smaller pair of instruments: