Selonding Set 4


Manufacturer: Prapen Balung Wesi

Selonding Set 4 from Mekar Bhuana Online Store in Bali, Indonesia

Weight 50000 g

Besakih Style, Iron



The largest type of Selonding orchestra available for production this is the Besakih style, which is based on research by Pande Wayan Tusan in the 1990s. The set has giant iron keys that are larger and thicker than any other style in Bali and has 13 instruments with a total of 68 keys, and two unusual instruments called gebyok and swir.

Three of the types of instruments have an octave on the ends of each 8 keys that are arranged over two boxes, starting either with low nding or low ndong. The mallets are also bigger and heavier, and the jegogan instruments are shaped more like giant anvil hammers.The sound produced by this ensemble is incredibly resonant, resembling peels of giant bells, and the music is slower than other, more common Selonding styles.


2 pemade with 8 keys each

2 gangsa with 8 keys each

2 jegogan with 8 keys each

1 gebyok with 4 keys

2 swir with 8 keys each

Watch a video of Mekar Bhuana’s Sekaa Selonding Semeton playing their Besakih style set: