Angklung (Klentangan) Set


Manufacturer: Others

Angklung (Klentangan) Set from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 350000 g

Bronze, Carved And Gold Gilded, Four Keyed



Angklung is a type of Balinese gamelan that uses a four-tone ‘major’ sounding, fairly evenly tempered scale. There are hundreds of compositions for this highly rhythmic small sized gamelan set. This new set has four keys on the metallophone instruments and is in South Bali style. An angklung is normally played for cremations and temple ceremonies in some parts of Bali. People also use angklung for competitions in its kebyar form and for new compositions.

Check out a video of a custom made angklung set produced by Mekar Bhuana Production:

The set is made up of 22 instruments:

– 2 jegogan

– 4 gender

– 4 barangan

– 2 curing

– 2 reong

– 1 kempur

– tawa-tawa

– 1 kelenang

– 1 ceng-ceng

– 3 suling flutes

– 2 small drums

– 1 complete set of mallets

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