Kecapi Mandolin (Penting)


Manufacturer: Others

Kecapi Mandolin from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 5000 g




This kecapi mandolin is one of Bali’s rarest instruments. Whilst kecapi may be common in Java, there are few groups in Bali. Balinese kecapi mandolin are played in a group of 2+ people. The strings are strummed with a plectrum and chords are created by press the keys down. The instrument is normally tuned to an angklung type tuning and is often accompanied by a number of small and medium suling flutes.

You can hear this instrument in ensemble form on a recording from Tenganan called ‘Gamelan from Eastern Bali’ by Maharani Records.

Dimensions: L50cm W17cm H5cm

Weight: around 5kg

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