Terompet (Pereret)


Manufacturer: Others

Terompet (Pereret) from mekar bhuana online store in bali, indonesia

Weight 800 g




A terompet (Pereret) is a Balinese trumpet that is found in West Bali and also in Lombok. Producing a nasally, droning sound, it is a wind instrument that is played in a group of a number of players, often accompanied by other percussive instruments.

This product comes with a carry bag that has a plastic tube sewn inside it. The bag is part of the product as it is necessary to safely ship this fragile item. Here is an example of what the bag would look like (although the actual pereret bag would be slightly shorter and wider to fit the instrument snuggly).

Note the the design and colour of the pereret may vary depending upon availability of product.

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